This course deals with the basic concepts of applied biotechnology including biological processes engineering, upstairs and downstairs processes, the techniques of disintegration of cells and purification of biological  mixtures, the different types of biological reactors and the factors affecting the performance of biological reactors


The aim of this course to study the modeling and simulation of in chemical engineering system and supported calculations by using computer. In this course the student will able to derivative the mathematical equations for modeling of chemical engineering systems. Practical examples  on the using of mathematical modeling and simulations will be applied to solve chemical engineering problems using computer.

This course deals with the principles of design and management of chemical plant including locating industrial plants, process and plant layout, process plant piping, introduction to project management, planning and time management, engineering contracts, cost, quality and risk management

This  course introduces  the  fundamentals  of molecular 
 diffusion  and  convective mass  transfer with and without chemical reactions, interphase mass 
transfer and the design of different mass  transfer equipment with special emphasis on absorption
stripping, humidification and drying.  

This course aims to discuss surface structure, thermodynamics at surfaces,mechanical properties of surfaces, overview of catalyst include basic concepts, efficiency and effect of pores, self interaction relations and inter-layer interactions of adsorbent materials. Study the relation between interactive and composition, poisoning, activation and inhibition, selectivity, catalytic process engineering which include practical examples, case studies and environmental concepts of green chemistry.