The course introduce the fundamentals of mass and energy balance for chemical eng processes 

 This course covers selected topics of  Solid waste management  , including sources and assembly of solid waste, methods of sorting  the waste ,final disposal of solid waste and hazardous waste.

This course is intended to provide a broad overview of polymer science and engineering

The course objectives of the course:

- Present a basic understanding of the structure of polymer including, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution

- Understand the different modes of polymerization, their characteristics, and the difference between them

- Understand other properties related to polymer such as glass transition, melting, dissolution,...etc, and the factors affecting them.

The aim of this course to study the organic reaction mechanism for the following process; nitration, sulfonation, halogenation and oxidation and production of intermediate organic compounds and also study the mechanism of polymerization in organic industrial process and flowchart and raw material to obtain the final product for the following explosives, sugar, starch, dyes, synthetic fibers and pesticides. 

In this course the students will learn the Introduction about chemical kinetics and Rate of reaction definition, Factors affecting on the rate of reaction, Arrhenius Equation and Effect of Temperature on Rate of Reactions, Rate law and first order of  reaction, Half life time, Rate of reaction for reversible first order reaction, Second order of reaction, Third order of reaction

Zero order reaction, N order reactions,Catalytic Reactions and Engineering principles of reactor design.