This course will introduce advanced concepts in analog circuit design specifically relevant to CMOS IC design. It will cover circuit noise and mismatch, their analysis, and their impact on CMOS opamp design. As prerequisites, the student is expected to have undergone a course on (a) basic circuit theory and analysis (b) signals and systems and (c) MOS analog circuits. At the end of this course, the student should be able to design and analyze several types of CMOS opamps at the transistor level.

Smart Class-room - There are many factors affecting the performance of the educational process inside the class as the

time is considered the main important parameter. To save a lot of time being spent in taking the

students attendance, preparing the data show, setting the light or air-condition, we need to an eye-equipped

classroom. This project has a task to achieve that big dream. We can make our class

smarter and safe by using image processing and IOT systems which have been now very vital tools

in our daily life.

Fully Automated Solar Lawn Mower

Today the most promising source of energy where everyone focusing is the concept of Solar Power and its Utilization. Generally, we see people who had gardens use lawn mowers manually to cut the unwanted grass. Those lawn movers are powered from normal household’s power through cables or using petrol/diesel. Using cables creates messing problem and if there is any power cut, we can’t use that lawn mower. Similarly, if we use petrol/diesel powered machine, it requires money and they create pollution through the smoke. Through this project, you are going to build a unique Automatic Solar Grass Cutter (Lawn Mower) which is powered by solar energy and it will overcome all the above-mentioned problems.