Essential elements of mechatronics, introduction to mechatronics in the vehicle industry, design methods, functions of mechatronic systems, methods of integration, basic structure and consistency between the components and software, devices and control systems: the input signals and output in mechatronic systems, signal conditioning, control using a microprocessor, control programs, test systems, microelectronics and controllers based on accurate, digital logic, micro-processors, sensors and actuators and controllers and devices. Modeling of mechanical systems for mechatronic applications: modeling the basic mechanical components, modeling using energy laws, modeling and simulation of electromechanical systems and microsystems, the development of related signals and hybrid circuits, basic methods for modeling and simulation systems.

Principles, analysis and applications of diodes, bipolar junction transistors and field-effect transistors. Amplifier concepts (types, equivalent circuit, gain, frequency response etc). Review of op-amps . Introduction to active filters and resonant circuits. Introduction to soldering.